In 2020 Joep Knol was appointed as a clinical professor at UHasselt.
As a clinical professor he guides students and gives lectures.

Joep Knol was also invited as a visiting professor for the University of Catania in Sicily, Italy.
He lectures “Human Anatomy” and “Master in Surgical and Laparoscopic Anatomy”.

Joep Knol is also co-founder of the iLappSurgery Foundation. This is a non for profit Foundation, which aims to improve digital teaching of surgical techniques.
The foundation is supported by educational grants and by personal gifts.
In another part of the website there is more information about the Foundation.

The iLappSurgery Foundation works on the development of Apps concerning surgical pathology (like Rectum/taTME, Liver), but also on Apps that link videos to illustrations.

For example the VIPicture App.

picture VIPicture app

This App is free and can be downloaded in Apple or Google store.
After downloading the App you have to allow the App to have access to the camera.
Then, after starting up the App, one has to touch the screen and point the camera at illustrations indicated with the VIP-logo.

Then see what happens!

picture operation
picture operation app
picture operation app